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Mark Austen

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2019.07.23 - Fast 800 - Week 18

I'm now 18 weeks into the diet and I have to say that it is beginning to wear thin, as they say. I should have been pretty much finished by ...more

2019.07.21 - I Shall Have to Skip Lunch

Tina is going to be in Arundel next week for the annual Medieval Jousting Week where she will be riding in the hunting games. She requested ...more

2019.07.15 - Fast 800 - Week 17

Here, as promised, is the report of my weight loss/gain for the weekend whilst being away at the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. To start ...more

2019.07.08 - Fast 800 - Week 16

So, sixteen weeks on the diet and time for a report especially since things went vastly awry last week whilst I was on holiday....more

2019.06.28 - Holidays!

As of 16:00 today I am off the strict diet for a week and on holiday. To celebrate I had a cup of tea with milk after 4pm! I'll still be ...more