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Mark Austen

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2019.09.02 - Fast 800 - Week 24

I looked at myself in the mirror this evening and decided that I am starting to look a little gaunt. It is time to stop the diet and start ...more

2019.08.20 - More Bread Experiments

Today's investigation is in the use of Amish Friendship Starter and wholemeal/white bread, again using the Turbo, No-Knead method. Since the ...more

2019.08.12 - Fast 800 - Week 21

Progress these last few weeks has slowed to the point where it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain enthusiasm for the diet. The ...more

2019.08.10 - Amish Friendship Cake [Updated]

For some reason a while before we went on our Broads cruise at the end of June, Tina mentioned that it would be nice to bake an Amish ...more

2019.07.29 - Fast 800 - Week 19 and Kilt Adjustments

I am pleased to report that the weight is still going down and at my morning weigh-in today I had reached 72.3 kg (11st 5lb 13oz) with a ...more