Captain's Table

Mark Austen

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2018.05.02 - What Makes a Sail Enjoyable?

Those of you that read my other site will know that despite being wet, cold, tired, in pain and with the wind against me, last Friday I had ...more

2018.01.06 - New Car

Dear diary, today we bought a new car!...more

2017.12.11 - More Ruminations on Charcoal

I was looking at charcoal again a few days ago since I've recently bought another 5 x 5kg bags and I'm about to finish those. In my chasing ...more

2017.10.12 - The Importance of Being a Computer Programmer

Over on my Naiad pages I make use of the menu provided by the Content Management System (CMS) that I have purchased called Armadillo. It ...more

2017.05.22 - What Now?

Naiad was successfully launched last Friday and I'm already feeling the effects of that in both a positive and negative way. On the positive ...more