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2021.09.05 - What Else Can Go Wrong?
Most projects I undertake go reasonably well, occasionally really well and very rarely with no errors at all. Other days are ...more
2021.08.08 - More Glastonbury Chairs
I was commissioned to make two Glastonbury Chairs by re-enactor friends. I haven't recorded the build process as I've done that ...more
2021.08.08 - Woodworm
Tina discovered that the "Treasure Chest'  style box in which she keeps various lengths of cloth for making things was riddled with ...more
2021.05.29 - Adjusting the Table Saw II
My aim was to complete the adjustment of the table saw so that by the end of the day these was back in the workbench and ...more
2021.05.28 - Adjusting the Table Saw
There are many videos on the InterWeb showing how the adjust a table saw and why. There are even a few specifically for ...more

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