Captain's Table

Mark Austen

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2018.09.25 - Bread on the Cobb II

I was able to try out my new Cobb box at the weekend at our last event of the season. We had a great set up camp-wise, two minibuses parked ...more

2018.09.15 - Completing the Cobb Box Construction

One of the tasks for the day was competing the Cobb box construction. I had made the inner box and accessory rack yesterday and the glue had ...more

2018.09.09 - More on the New Medieval Boxes

The task for the day was to glue up at least the new Cobb box and I spent three hours doing that. The box had to be dismantled making sure ...more

2018.09.08 - Bread on the Cobb

Whilst I was busy making the new medieval boxes I was also working on another task for the day, this time making some bread and using the ...more

2018.09.08 - New Medieval Boxes

This weekend's task, or one of them at least, is to make two new medieval boxes, one to hold the Cobb and its accessories and the other will ...more