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Mark Austen

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2019.05.21 - Paper Folding

I am about to embark on the construction of an A4 sized wrap journal and for this I have purchased two reams of A3 paper at an ...more

2019.05.21 - Fast 800 - Good News!

I'm delighted to be able to say that Tina has reached her goal and is now off the Fast 800 Diet. She looked at herself in the mirror last ...more

2019.05.15 - Fast 800 - Halfway and Kilt Troubles

It's official, I have reached the halfway mark in my quest to get down to the weight that gives me a mid-range BMI of 21.75. When I weighed ...more

2019.05.14 - A5 Wrap Journal - Proof of Concept (Yet more photos added)

Yesterday evening I made an A5 wrap journal. I want to make one in A4 but we don't have enough suitable leather to do that and making a ...more

2019.05.13 - Fast 800 - Week 8

We have now been on the Fast 800 diet for 8 weeks, so it is time for a situation report. I have lost 15.4kg (2st 5lb 15oz) just 300g (10oz) ...more