Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2020.06.14 - Back to the Workbench V

The task for the day was to complete the router table as far as possible.

These arrived a couple of days ago, the emergency stop switches.

You open the cover to press the green on switch and in the normal operation you would also lift the cover to press the red stop button when you are done with the tool.

Having pressed the on switch you let the cover hang down like this. In an emergency you hit the big red button...

The cover snaps shut pressing the off button and it also locks into position. To open the over again you have to push the two red buttons on either side of the big red button. So I now have to think about how I am going to use these and where I will need to fit them.

In the meantime, an hour's work with table and mitre saws and the drill press resulted in these pieces of fibre board which will form the router table fence.

All but two of the joints were glued and screwed and the two that were just glued can be seen here with the clamps holding the pieces in place whilst the glue dries..

Here is the finished fence and pieces.

The two aluminium slides are put into the tracks, the fence put on top and the fixing screws put through the hoes in the fence and into the slides.

A spacer is then plaid under each tightening knob and the screw is tightened up so that the fence cannot move.

Like this.

The first test was without the fence as I used a follower bit.

This has a bearing at the top preventing the wood from getting any closer to the bit when it is cutting.

The second test used a straight bit and the fence was used to guide the workpiece. The dust removal hose sucks most of the shavings up through the hole in the back of the fence.

So, that is the router table done except for the emergency stop. It is useable without this, I'll just have to be careful.

Tea time!