Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2020.06.08 - Back to the Workbench IV

A short entry today although the work undertaken for today was was not short at all.

The task was to complete the router table structure and the starting point for this was to reinforce the work surface. Fibreboard has been used for the work surface and is 19mm in thickness or 3/4" and whilst this is sufficient for most things, the slots for the router table are 12mm or 1/2" in depth meaning that I have removed two thirds of the thickest and therefore considerably weakened the structure.

To compensate for this I cut, glued and screwed two wide pieces of 9mm plywood to the underside of the table effectively covering, and therefore reinforcing, the slots from the underside.

Here is one...

...and here is the other.

The next part of the task was to liberally coat the slots with epoxy glue, twice. The first coat was applied and soaked into the fibreboard and whilst it was still wet, the second coat was applied to glue the T-tracks in place. They were also screwed down.

Here is the finished result.

the edges of the hardboard cover have been screwed in place and the router mounted. I decided not to use a sealant under the perspex plate for the moment but will revisit that decision after the router has been used for a few months.

The router from the underside.

This completes the router table part of the workbench but there are a few other things to be built in order to make it usable.

I will build some storage shelves and drawers either side of the router to hold the fence, collets, router bits an such like so that everything I need to operate the router is close to hand.

I do not intend to build storage immediately below the router since I want any dust not caught by the dust collection system to fall to the floor and not into some drawer or onto a shelf or such like.

But that is for another day. Next up for this part of the project is the router fence.

Time for a fresh cup of tea.