Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2020.06.07 - Back to the Workbench III

The task for the day was the slots in the workbench for the T-tracks.

A straight edge used as a guide for the router and off I went.

So far, so good, but not even through the covering hardboard.

I hate freehand routing. Despite the guide I messed up part of the slot as you can see here.

So, for the second slot I made a proper router guide that sets all constraints. Both sides and both edges. No chance to mess up now.

Nevertheless, I went slowly at first, just to be on the safe side.

The inboard edge of the jig clamped down to the table saw using hold-downs.

The outboard end clamped to the clamping bar.

This worked a treat and I should have done it for the first slot.

Repeat the process for the third slot.

One end of the third slot was squared off with a chisel.

And here we are with the final result.

Now you may be wondering about the gap at the lefthand end of the third slot and also at the ends of the other two slots by the table saw.

Well, without those gaps...

The T-track bolts would not fit on to the track.

And without these bolts, the T-track would be pretty useless. So the gaps are essential.

That's today's task done, next up is to epoxy and screw the tracks into the slots and do some general reinforcing on the underside.

But for now, a cup of tea.