Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2020.06.03 - Back to the Workbench II

The UNC machine screws arrived today so this afternoon I continued with the next part of the router table section of the workbench.

The stainless, countersunk screws are the new ones, the black cheesehead screws are the old ones.

The perspex plate will screw onto the router like this.

But underneath the workbench surface. The handle thingy is the lifter.

It slides through the additional hold in the perspex plate...

...and locates on part of the router that drives a worm gear that rotates the height adjustment.

Meaning that you can adjust the hight of the router collet as required. I've moved it up into the change position.

With the router wound up to this position the spindle is locked into place allowing you to change the collect with only one spanner. Most other routers required two. One to hold the spindle in place and the other to undo the collet.

So, the router table is getting there. I still have to seal and bolt the perspex down, cut two or three groves in the work bench to house some T-track, make a fence that fits to the T-tracks and fit an emergency stop switch. I've a lot coming from China and when they get here I shall make a number of boxes that house the switch and a socket. The appliance will plug into the socket and the switch will be wired into the main workbench power lead. This means that I can take the appliance out and use it away from the table without having to put a power plug back on. I'll need six that I know of so I bought eight, just to be on the safe side.

I'll also need to buy eight power sockets and a mains distribution box.

Guess what?

Time for a cup of tea.