Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.08.20 - More Bread Experiments

Today's investigation is in the use of Amish Friendship Starter and wholemeal/white bread, again using the Turbo, No-Knead method. Since the white flour version of this came out so well I used the same proportions except that I used half strong, white bread flour and half strong, wholemeal bread flour. The initial rise time was longer again that the 100% white loaf but still acceptable and the second rise was about twice as long at a hour.

The results?

Not bad at all. It hasn't risen as much as the 100% white bread but it is not as flat as some of the wholemeal breads I have baked.

Again with my mug as a size reference.

This bread was also made with a starter that was nearing feeding but the bread still tastes a little sweet, so I guess that the sweetness or not of the starter is not that important to the taste. This loaf will also have to be frozen until required otherwise 'll just eat it all. I'll save a piece or Tina but after that, in the freezer it will go.

The next experiment will be the same recipe but with the addition of Vitamin C and some honey to increase the rise.

Stay tuned.