Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.08.12 - Fast 800 - Week 21

Progress these last few weeks has slowed to the point where it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain enthusiasm for the diet. The slow down is not unexpected since I have lost a large amount of weight and as a result my body is burning fewer calories per day. The only way to increase the weight loss now is either to reduce my calorific intake significantly below 800 calories per day or by doing some exercise or both. Neither of these avenues are particularly enthralling so I am of a mind to continue the diet until 16th September and stop at that point. I will have been on the diet for 6 months at that point and I figure that whatever weight I have lost in 26 weeks is probably as far as I am going to get.

So, the statistics. I currently weigh 72kg (11st 4lb 11oz) having lost 26.5kg (4st 2lb 6oz) which is just under 27% of my original weight. My waist measurement is 79cm (31.1"), a loss of 27cm (10.6").

I am very pleased at this result but, as I said, it is becoming harder to stay on the diet due to the slow down. The new target of 26 weeks is probably the only reason for me to stay on the diet right now and I will be glad to stop at that point.

I think it is fair to say that the Fast 800 diet has done me a great deal of good and hopefully I shall be able to keep the weight off in future.

Stay tuned.