Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.07.29 - Fast 800 - Week 19 and Kilt Adjustments

I am pleased to report that the weight is still going down and at my morning weigh-in today I had reached 72.3 kg (11st 5lb 13oz) with a loss of 26 kg (4st 1lb 5oz). The end is getting closer. Just 7.4 kg (1st 2lb 5oz) to go.

I will need to be extra careful in the next four weekends since three of them are events and I normally get a slight increase in weight at events and I really do not want that to happen again, especially not three weekends in quick succession. That would be most disappointing.

I have needed to attend to my clothing. I looked over the Kilt Kollection, of which I have 17 and found that 2 are still too small to wear. Interestingly these two fitted me ten years ago. Of the remaining 15 two just about fit one on the too small side and one on the too big. One kilt fits reasonably well and the rest, all 12 of them, are too big. So I sat down at the sewing machine and, having removed all the straps and buckles from four of the Summer weight kilt, I sewed on some velcro. Now I have four fairly good ones that not only fit but have another 50cm or 2" of adjustment. This means that I now have a few more that are fit to wear.

I think it is also time to go through the remaining too big kilt and throw away those that are beyond saving. Several of them have epoxy, paint and wood glue on them and it is not worth adjusting them. I think three fall into this category. I'll take off the straps and buckles and wash them and put them in the rags box. Some of the material can be used for patches and other Kilt Repairs.

This leaves five that are too big. I can adjust four of them by carefully cutting out sections, especially since I made two of them myself, but the last one is a professionally made kilt and there's no way I want to fiddle with that one. So, this one will be sold, hopefully.

A lot more clothes will be thrown into the rag bin once the diet is done, most of my shirts and T-Shirts and my kilt hose also need to be pruned. Those that have holes need to go and since I think I just just 5 pairs that are still wearable, more kilt hose will need to be bought before the colder weather sets in.

I am not looking forward to the new clothes bill once I am off the diet and have a stable weight.