Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.07.23 - Fast 800 - Week 18

I'm now 18 weeks into the diet and I have to say that it is beginning to wear thin, as they say. I should have been pretty much finished by now but the week of on our Broads holiday set me back about five weeks and that has made things seem a lot harder. I am more tempted to snack when I shouldn't and whereas before the holiday I was being very good, now I am not. Yesterday, for example, I made 35 fairy cakes for a friend for her son's bring & buy cake sale. Four of them were well misshapen and I ate them with only a cursory tough of "I shouldn't be eating these". Fortunately, I was still down this morning despite the additional calories yesterday.

Still, progress is downwards and I am still losing weight, it's just much harder mentally as I really want this to be over.

So, the stats; I now weigh 74.4kg (11st 10lb) having lost 2kg (4lb 6oz) over the last week. this, to be fair, is still a great result looking at it objectively and it is even more amazing when you see that I have lost nearly 25% of my original weight. On the down side, I still have just under 10kg (1st 8oz) to go which take me around 5 week at he current rate.

However, I still have three events to attend during this time which may well extend this by a few more weeks.

Oh well!

A last week's interesting bit? For reasons that I'm not going to tell you I needed to go on at least a 24 hour fast but I knew I could do this with ease so I went on a 48 hour fast instead. It didn't make a great deal of difference, I have to say since during this period I drank about 5l (10 1/2 pints) of water. Still, it is good to know that a 48 hour fast is not a problem should I ever need to do this again.