Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.07.15 - Fast 800 - Week 17

Here, as promised, is the report of my weight loss/gain for the weekend whilst being away at the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. To start with, here is the plot of my weight:

For reference I have included the Broads holiday week since that is of interest. As you can see the weight loss after the Broads holiday continued apace as expected and the last three points are for the last three days. The entire raw data goes like this:

Day 1: up 200g (7oz)
Day 2: up 2.2kg (4lb 13oz)
Day 3: down 100g (3oz)
Day 4: up 1.2kg (2lb 10oz)
Day 5: down 600g (1lb 5oz)
Day 6: up 1.1kg (2lb 6oz)
Day 7: up 700g (1lb 8oz)
Day 8: down 800g (1lb 12oz)
Day 9: down 1kg (2lb 3oz)
Day 10: down 700g (1lb 8oz)
Day 11: down 200g (7oz)
Day 12: down 600g (1lb 6oz)
Day 13: up 1.4kg (3lb 1oz)
Day 14: down 700g (1lb 8oz)
Day 15: down 2.5kg (5lb 8oz)

So, weight loss as expected until last Saturday when I registered a 1.4kg (3lb 1oz) weight gain, but that was no surprise given what travelling does to my digestion, and then more weight loss for two days including a massive 2.5kg (5lb 8oz) loss as at this morning. Now I'd be inclined to disbelieve that figure except that Tina registered a weight gain of the order she expecting and yesterday was an uncomfortable day for me for reasons that I'm not going to detail on the InterWeb but that you can probably guess. Now that we are home again I'll be able to check things at tomorrow's morning weight in.

If my current weight of 74kg (11st 9lb 2oz) is correct then I finally weigh less than when we first went on holiday on the Broads and I am also past my next milestone of 75kg (12st 2lb 13oz). However, right now I cannot confirm that.

The next few days also promise to be just a tad interesting for reasons of which I shall give brief details next week.

Stay tuned.

[Edit: The errant down 2.4kg figure in the data above proved to be incorrect.]