Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.07.08 - Fast 800 - Week 16

So, sixteen weeks on the diet and time for a report especially since things went vastly awry last week whilst I was on holiday.

This is the graph for the few days starting on the Saturday we went to the Broads for our cruise. As you can see things did not progress in quite the fashion I had expected. Just what did I expect? Well, some increase in weight for sure, but not what happened in practice. The raw data is like this (up = weight gain, down = weight loss):

Day 1: up 200g (7oz)
Day 2: up 2.2kg (4lb 13oz)
Day 3: down 100g (3oz)
Day 4: up 1.2kg (2lb 10oz)
Day 5: down 600g (1lb 5oz)
Day 6: up 1.1kg (2lb 6oz)
Day 7: up 700g (1lb 8oz)
Day 8: down 800g (1lb 12oz)
Day 9: down 1kg (2lb 3oz)

In the first seven days, the days of the holiday itself, I put on a total of 4.5kg (9lb 14oz). Now, this is not due to gaining fat weight but, how shall I put this without being indelicate? This sudden and drastic gain in apparent weight is due to food going in and little or nothing coming out again...if you see what I mean.

The last two days things have started working again and in those two days I have lost 1.8kg (3lb 15oz) and I expect the trend to continue for the next day or two.

Certainly I will have put on some fat weight as I ate well and exercised not at all, but I'm not even sure that it is possible to put on 2.4kg (5lb 4oz) in just two days as I did for the first two days, at least not with the food we were eating, which was not excessive. However, bread and cake does have a certain binding effect and I did have some of both after the previous 15 weeks of no bread or cake at all.

So, I am officially overweight again as of last Tuesday and I have not as yet returned to anything like my previous weight. I was 75.1kg (11st 11lb 9oz) and I am now 78kg (12st 3lb 15oz).

A little disappointing I have to say, but it has highlighted the need to be very careful once I reach my target weight. I had thought that I would overshoot my target weight by 2-3kg (5lb 4oz - 6lb 9oz) which would then allow me to float up to my target weight as I transition to regular meals. The last week as suggested that this may not be enough and perhaps I should think about making the overshoot half as much again or even twice as much.

We are due to be going to four events in the next six weeks and although I shall be eating the diet meals, I suspect that this sort of thing may happen again since travelling has that, er... effect on my digestion. The difference will be that I'll not be off the diet as I was last week. It will be interesting to see just how much of an effect this has on the weight loss. You can be very sure that I'll be trying to ensure that this massive increase in weight does not happen again and I'll be trying to ensure that there is no weight gain at all. How successful I am remains to be seen.

The first event is over the coming weekend so I may not have recovered from last week's gain by then so I will have to be extra careful.

I will report back in due course.