Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.06.28 - Holidays!

As of 16:00 today I am off the strict diet for a week and on holiday. To celebrate I had a cup of tea with milk after 4pm! I'll still be watching what I eat and will be on a 4:3 version of the 5:2 where I'll be eating only 800 calories for three of the seven days we are away, those being the days that I'm cooking. The other three full days are being catered by our friends and I'll be eating whatever they have decided to cook.

So, once 16:00 arrived I decided that I'd have a piece of the German bread I baked this morning. Tina received half-dozen 1kg (2.2 lb) bread mixes when a friend of our visited from Germany a couple of years ago. One of the mixes had been opened and half used but the rest were still unopened in the pantry. The opened packet had to be thrown away as it had weevils but one of the unopened ones I opened last night seemed to be fine.

However, it was two years past its use by date so I was fairly sure that the yeast was dead. I took out a couple of ounces of the mix, added the correct proportion of water and mixed it up and then left it for am hour in a warm place.

I was not surprised to find that it had not risen a millimetre.

This morning I took half of the newly opened packed, added yeast and water and left it for 90 minutes for the first proving and sure enough it rose well. So I made a loaf of bread and it came out really well.

Except that I felt guilty of eating a slice with butter. I've been on this diet for 14 weeks now and I am pretty much conditioned to not eat after midday and to only eat the 800 calories each day. I also worked up the nerve to have a piece of the frozen cheesecake and even though it was absolutely delicious, far better frozen than when it was freshly made, I really feel guilty about have eaten it!

I shouldn't, I know as I am off the strict diet for a week, but all the same, it is hard now to just eat what I want.

This tells me that I'm going to have a problem when I finally finish the diet entirely, so much so that I think an interim 5:2 or even 4:3 may be required to ease back into normal eating.