Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.05.27 - Fast 800 - Week 10

Amazingly, it has been ten weeks since I started this diet and not only have I stuck to it pretty rigorously but I have lost 18.1 kg (2st 11lb 14oz) to date. Sounds good, doesn't it? But here's a thing to make it even more amazing. I have some lead weights in the workshop and each weighs about 9kg. I can, if I'm careful, pick two up, one in each hand. It is not easy as 18kg is heavy. But that is the same amount of weight that I have lost in body fat. How on earth did I carry around all that extra weight? And when I finally reach my target of 33.5kg loss (5st 3lb 12oz), then that will be over three and a half times the weight of one of those lead weights and I don't think I could pick up and carry that amount of weight.

Yet I have been doing just that for several years.

No wonder excess weight is bad for you, it's heavy!