Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.05.21 - Fast 800 - Good News!

I'm delighted to be able to say that Tina has reached her goal and is now off the Fast 800 Diet. She looked at herself in the mirror last night and said "that's it, that's enough.". She lost a total of 11kg (1st 10lb 4oz) and currently weighs 60.8kg (9st 8lb). Her intention is to keep her weight between 61kg and 63kg (9st 8lb 7oz and 9st 12lb 14oz). That is an average daily loss of 172g, or slightly over 6oz, over the 64 days that she was on the diet.

She looks slender now and reports that all the clothes that she put away over the last few years as they were too small, either now fit comfortably or are a little too large. She is very happy and I have to say that she looks great.

You may say that I'm biased, but then, I'm supposed to be!

As for me, as at this morning, 64 days into the diet, I have lost 16.9kg (2st 9lb 4oz) and weigh 81.6kg (12st, 11lb 14oz). So continuing on the downward path, still happy with progress, still enjoying the food, although I now have to modify the weekly meal plan to give Tina more calories per day, but I am looking forward to being off the diet some time in the Summer.

Theoretically I still have around 70 days to go.