Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.05.15 - Fast 800 - Halfway and Kilt Troubles

It's official, I have reached the halfway mark in my quest to get down to the weight that gives me a mid-range BMI of 21.75. When I weighed myself this morning I had reached 15.6 kg (2st 6lb 6oz) of weight loss in 58 days. My weight today is 82.9kg (just under 13st 1lb). I shall celebrate by imagining myself eating a Raspberry and White Chocolate muffin when I have my weekly coffee this afternoon.

Only another 15.6kg to go!

As for the kilt, well the ones I have been wearing of late are loose and cannot be made smaller using the straps. I had a look at my kilt wardrobe and found that the ones I've been wearing are marked 36-38", the semi-posh, going-out, green kilt is marked 34-36 and the two greys are 38-40". My really posh kilt is 42" and the other four junk ones are 34-36".

The trouble is that I now have a waist size of 34 1/2" so less than half of my kilt wardrobe now fit. Fortunately for me, the junk ones are not that well made and the measurement around the waist allows a reasonable fit. The widest part of me as far as a kilt is concerned, which is around my behind, is lagging behind the waist loss so wearing the kilt is still fitting there. The junk kilt are lightweight, which is good right now, so I don't expect them to last very long and there were bought with everyday wear in mind and if they only last the Summer, then they will have served the purpose for which they were bought.