Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.05.13 - Fast 800 - Week 8

We have now been on the Fast 800 diet for 8 weeks, so it is time for a situation report. I have lost 15.4kg (2st 5lb 15oz) just 300g (10oz) shy of my halfway point so I have just over another 8 weeks to reach my intended target. I should note that my intended target is 2.4kg (5lb 4 1/2oz) below the weight at which I wish to remain for a reason I will detail in a moment. The second half of my diet will last more than 8 weeks since I have a family meal in June as well as a holiday with friends for a week and on both occasions I will not be on a diet, so I expect that the second half of the diet will take a week or two longer.

Tina has lost nearly 10kg (1st 8lb) as of Saturday morning and has just 2.4kg (5lb 4 1/2oz) left to reach her intended target.

However, Tina was away for Saturday and Sunday at a Destrier training weekend and so, although I had made her packed lunches, she also ate out on Saturday evening with the rest of the group and also had breakfast at the Inn on Sunday morning. As a result she weighed 1.1kg (2lb 6oz) more on her return than when she left.

And this is the main reason that we are both aiming below our intended weight. Tina did not put on that much weight in fat but instead this is mostly the weight of the extra food inside her that has not been passed out yet. Once we return to a non-800 calorie diet, the food inside us will weigh more than we are eating at the moment, so we need to aim below our target weight to compensate for this 'sudden' gain in weight. We expect that Tina will show a larger than usual drop in weight over the next two days as she returns to our diet portions. We also expect that we will probably put on a little extra as well as we return to 'normal' eating habits.

So, for both of us, the weight loss continues, we both feel great and are encouraged by the continued loss. Tina will soon no longer need to be on the diet but whilst I remain on the diet she will still be eating the food I prepare but will supplement it with extra food, probably an extra meal in the evening, which I will not be allowed.

Onwards and downwards!