Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.29 - Fast 800 - Week 6

We have just completed the first 6 weeks of the diet and progress is both consistent and, at times, frustratingly slow. I have lost 12.2 kg (1st 12lb 14oz) in weight with an average weekly loss of just over 2 kg (4lb 7oz) and 16 cm (6.3") from my waist.

The waist measurement continues to be erratic as fat is being lost elsewhere as well as from around the waist, and my clothes are getting very loose indeed.

The rate at which I am losing weight is slightly above the reports from other dieters using the Fast 800, that being around 14 kg (2st 2lb 13oz) over the course of 8 weeks and the projections are for me to reach just over 16kg (2st 7lb 4oz) in that time frame.

The frustrating bit is that once you reach this point you really want it all to be over and done with. But the progress, for me at least, remains at 268g (9oz) per day.

However, the rate is pretty constant so I will reach my intended weight target, it's just a matter of time!

Interestingly, the overweight and obese nature of the British population has been a topic of a number of articles in the recent press including one today on the BBC website. You can find it at and it makes pretty scary reading. Personally, I'm very pleased to have a BMI under 30, although not in the healthy range yet, and also to have a waist size that is less than 94 cm (35.4").

Onward and downward!