Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.24 - Fast 800 Another Milestone, Sort of

I reached an interesting milestone in my weight loss saga today in that I fell below 87.5 kg (13st 11lb 5oz). It is interesting for me since this means that just another 10kg (1st 8lb) and I'll no longer be overweight and 20kg (3st 2lb) and I will be exactly at the mid-range BMI. It is not interesting in Imperial weights but it is interesting in metric.

Now I lost the first 10kg in 33 days so I should complete the journey in another 66 days or around 9 1/2 weeks, except that I won't. I have a family meal between now and then and I refuse to be on a diet that day and I also have a a holiday on the Broads with friends before the end of the diet and I'll be switching to the 5:2 diet for that week.

Still, the end is in sight.

Incidentally, Tina hit a weight loss of 7kg (1st 1lb 6oz) to reach her target weight yesterday making her lighter than she has been since she stopped growing in her teens. She celebrated by eating the chocolates I gave her a little while ago, so was not surprised to have not lost any weight today. She now has to decide whether or not to continue the 800 or switch. Current thinking is to lose another couple of kilos and then switch to the 5:2 with the expectation that she will put on a kilo or two before settling down to a steady weight.

We shall see.