Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.21 - Cat Scratching Post

The scratching post we bought when we first got the cats has been pretty much destroyed, so it was time to make a new one.

First cut a post to length.

Then cut two squares of plywood.

Since it was before 8am on a Sunday morning, I hooked up the dust collection system and shut myself in the workshop to keep the machinery noise down.

Cut a hole in the centre of both boards to fit the pole. I only had a bit slightly bigger than the pole so I had to take measures.

I cut a short length of aluminium tube and cut a section out of the ring so that the tube would fit into the holes in the boards.

One of the boards was then covered in old carpet.

It was stapled to the board underneath as tightly as I could manage by hand.

I use the plastic staples, the metal one I have are too long.

The second board was screwed to the top board and end of the pole was reduced in size a little.

And a slot cut in the bottom...

... into which a wedge will be hammered.

Like this, but not yet. The pole was located in the hole and then the wedge was hammered in making the pole fit tightly.

Here the end of the pole and the wedge have been cut flush with the bottom board.

Wrap the pole with sisal rope and you have a cat scratching post.

Time for a cup of tea.