Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.20 - Workbench IV

Work continues on the workbench and although progress is slow, progress is being made.

The workshop has this chunk of wood across the doorway. The only purpose it serves that I can see is that it has a hole in the middle for the bolt on one fo the doors. Otherwise it is a right pain.

So I went postal on it. A few cuts with a circular saw followed but some persuasion with a sledge-hammer and this is the result.

This left a lot of protruding screws.

But an angle grinder took care of that.

Now I can roll out anything on wheels without having to lift said anything over the lip. Much better.

The first order of business was to cut the MDF sheet to approximately the correct size.

This was located and screwed down in all four corners.

The edge was cut back to the underlying beams using a follower bit in the router.

The result looks fairly good and I must make sure that I do not mess up the edges by using the bench before the top and capping have been put in place.

A divider has also been installed to give support to the centre of the work top and to divide the space under the top into usable spaces.

Next, I need to install the dust collection system and hook that up to the table saw and to a wandering air hose that will plug into the other tools that will be installed in the bench.

But not today.