Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.18 - Fast 800, One Month

It is one calendar month since we started our diet, 31 days and time for a progress report.

I'm pleased to say that the weight continues to fall as does the waist size. I have managed to stick to a strict 8am-noon eating regime with the exception of Wednesdays when I have a medium Latte at the Costa in our local Tesco which , apparently, is 202 calories. To compensate I only have half my breakfast or lunch to try to keep to the 800 calories per day, it's just the Time Restricted Eating that slips from 20:4 to 16:8.

Tina has not been so fortunate in that her work has hosted a number of conferences and get-togethers all of which have been catered, she also had a training weekend last weekend and the group go out for a meal on the Saturday evening, and finally the do at her office a couple of days ago was people bringing in cakes to eat. She resisted the cakes but did succumb to a handful of potato crisps. We were only half surprised when she did not lose any weight that day.

We expected it but it was still surprising that such a small amount of food could stop the weight loss. Mind you, have you seem how many calories there are in crisps?

My spreadsheet now looks like this. A lot more milestones, percentage progress to the remaining milestones and week number have been added for my information. Weight loss to date is 9.7 kg (1st 7lb 6oz) and 12.5 cm (5") around the waist.

The weight loss continues to be close to the trend line with a slope of 283g (9oz) loss per day.

The waist chart continues to be erratic but the slope is 4.31mm (~3/16") loss per day.

So all is good, but it is time to good and make our breakfast and lunch. Minted Avocado and Chickpea Salad and Peppered Roasted Cod with Nutty Broccoli.