Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.16 - New Workbench III

The work on the bench continues with today's task being to complete as much of the bench frame as time allows.

After moving the bench outside I checked that the bench was level.

I cut the 12 pieces of studding I need to do the next bit and get the nuts and washers ready.

Two more uprights were cut from the 3x2 timber as well as the three top pieces. This was all clamped together making sure that the uprights were upright and the top pieces were level.

Here the top bolts have been put in place. This entails using a 20mm Forstner bit to drill a counter sink hole for the nut and washer on the outside, then a 10mm hole is drilled using the centre point of the counter sink hole as a reference. This hole is drilled right through the beams. The correct length bolt is put in place and fastened up tight. The clamps are then removed.

This has been repeated for the bottom bolts and today's task is done.

Tina gave me a hand moving the other piece of MDF into the workshop and onto the workbench. The tarpaulin is in case it rains as there is still a hole in the roof.

The next bit of plywood also put into the workshop.

Yet another good evenings work.