Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.15 - New Workbench II

There's a lot still to do on the new workbench so after work I continued.

I need to cut a hole in this panel through which the dust extraction hose will pass. These two curves were made by holding a pencil on the dust port of the table saw and moving it from 90 degrees to 45 degrees and back again. Once for the top of the port and once for the bottom.

After straining my back at the weekend I declined to lift the table saw out of the bench. Instead I slid it back onto blocks of wood on one of the steps I have.

An oversized hole was cut into the panel, one at each end of the pencil marks.

And the wood between them cut out and removed.

You can see the dust port on the table saw through the slot. Here the saw blade is at 90 degrees.

And here the blade is at 45 degrees.

The hose will pass through the slot like so.

Just checking to make sure it clears the slot in all positions of the blade.

Here the dust extraction system has been temporarily attached and switched on so that I could test cut a piece of wood. It worked as expected.

A good evening's work.