Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.15 - Euphoria

On the way to Ely station, the train from Littleport had been cancelled again, Tina mentioned that she felt a frisson of euphoria every time she weighed herself in the mornings and her weight had gone down again. I know exactly what she means. She also mentioned that this diet is quite exciting. You go to bed wondering how much you have lost today and what your weight will be tomorrow when you weigh yourself again. Indeed, it is this euphoria and excitement that makes this diet so good. It's easy to follow and you see fast, continuing results. Such encouragement to do more.

I have to say that when you work as hard as we have been doing on this diet you can't help but talk about it. We talk about our meals, do we still feel hungry in the evenings (no)? What we will look like once we have reached our ideal weight? What will we do when we both reach our weight targets (5:2 diet)? Will we still eat the same meals when we are not dieting (yes, especially the ones we like, just not as often)?

I check my statistics every day, adding my weight and waist measurement to the spreadsheet to see how things are going. I've added more milestones and more calculations to complicate things.

One thing I did notice is that although my weight is going down steadily, my waist is not.

Here is today's weight chart. You can see that the data points line close to the trend line.

Compare that to the waist measurement chart. It is still going down but in fits and starts.

I thought about this for a while, almost 15 seconds, before I realised that this is because although I am steadily losing weight, the fat is not all going from around my waist. Some days my waist measurement does not change at all.

I can confirm this easily enough, as the kilts I am currently wearing have a distressing tendency to fall down at the moment along with my underwear. My hips and buttocks are decidedly smaller (Huzzah!) whereas the aforementioned garments have remained the same size. I foresee some time after the laundry tomorrow with underpants, elastic, needle and thread!

I will have to put up with this for a while yet as I'm not about to buy new clothes just to stop wearing them in a few weeks when I have shrunk even more and the new clothes are too big. I cannot get into the smaller kilts I still have so I may have to do some remedial surgery on the current, too large kilts as well.

Oh well. It will all come right in the end.