Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.04.02 - No Longer Obese...

...merely overweight. Yes, good news. After only 15 days my weight has dropped below 93 kg (14 st 9 lb) meaning that my BMI is now less than 30 which is the demarkation of overweight and obese. Daft really, such a precise line but I suppose that it has to be somewhere.

I'm using the BMI as it is a good indicator for someone fairly sedentary, like me. My next milestone, you'll not be surprised to hear, is 77.5 kg (12 st 3 lb) which is the line between healthy weight and overweight for me. To reach that I need to lose another 15.4 kg (2 st 6 lb). So far I have lost 5.6 kg (12 lb) so I should reach that weight in about 45 days.

That seems like a very long time, but as long as the weight keeps on dropping the motivation to keep going is strong.