Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.03.30 - Making a Box Differently III

The final part of the box construction is the lid, which if you remember, was cut off the box yesterday.

The box lid:

Four thin strips of wood have been glues into the recess in the lid of the box.

There is a little bit of a mismatch due to the quality of the wood and the inaccuracy of the saw.

But the lid fits the box snugly which was the whole intention.

Mind you, I did have to reduce the width of the glued in strip a bit.

And here are the goblet, stemless glass, call them what you will.

So, what next?

Well, the measuring was a bit off so the glasses touch the lid when the box is closed, meaning that I cannot line the box with felt as I had intended. The quality leaves a lot to be desired as well. Nevertheless, the box still looks fairly good if you don't get too close. I will make another one. a little taller and of decent wood, but not until I get a table saw that will cut accurately!

A good trial of the method and one that I will use again in future.