Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.03.29 - Making a Box Differently II

Now that the glue holding all parts of the box together has had plenty of time to cure it is time to get on with the next stage of the box.

The glued up box devoid of the Duck Tape, it's fairly solid like this.

This is where the errors in the cutting of the mitre joints shows up. Not much I can do about this, not until I get a better table saw, that is.

Speaking of which, this is the first cut that separates the box and the lid.

Small piece of wood the correct size are used to keep the cut open as the separation continues.

Until lid and box are separated. You'll note that the cut is in the middle of that strangely wide groove cut into the side walls before assembly.

As I said, the quality of the plywood is not high.

But it will do.

A cross piece is made and slotted into the box. Now you know what those other slot are for.

Watch out for the next episode where the lid is finished.