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Mark Austen

2019.03.28 - Making a Box Differently I

I need a small box to hold some rather nice VonShef stemless glasses that I'd rather not have damaged and I decided that I'd make one this evening, but in a different manner than I would normally. This type of box is made with chamfered edges at 45 degrees and the top, bottom and sides are all glued together at the same time as you will see. This type of box is best made using a large saw table but I don't have one of those so I'll just have to be careful. Fortunately, the width of my small circular saw is wider than the largest piece of wood I have to cut.

This is the result of about an hour's work down at the workshop. Two square pieces, one with a shallow cross cut into the smaller face and four rectangular pieces with a strange looking T cut. The square pieces will form the top and bottom of the box, the one with the cross cut into it is the bottom.

All four edged of each piece have been cut at 45 degrees as you can see.

These pieces are the sides of the box. This is not high quality plywood as the box is a bit of an experiment and without a proper saw table it is nearly impossible to cut accurately, so there's no point in possibly wasting some quality wood. Once I have the saw table and the technique practised, then some good wood will be used.

But not today.

The pieces are stuck together with some good, strong tape, I'm using Duck Tape here. You know what they say. If it moves and shouldn't, use Duck Tape and if it doesn't move and should, use WD40.

Sage advice.

So here are all the pieces carefully taped together ready for glueing.

All of the chamfered edges for the bottom and sides are covered in wood glue and the sides lifted up and stuck together with more tape. Then the edges for the top are glued and the top is closed and taped in place.

The whole package is reinforced with some more tape and a damp cloth used to remove any of the glue that has squeezed out on the outside.

This box will be left on the Rayburn until tomorrow afternoon when I will work on completing the box.

So far, so good and the joints are surprisingly easy to make, even without the correct tools.