Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2019.03.25 - Fast 800 First Week

So, how is it going after one week? A weight loss of 3.3 kg (7 lb 4 oz) and a waist reduction of 5.5 cm (2 3/16") which is nice. But I think I can do better since this is the result with little or no exercise. For the next week I'll get on the rowing machine for 30 minutes a day as well and see what that does.

I have several milestone in mind. When I drop below 93 kg (14 st 9 lb) I'll no longer be obese, merely overweight, that's using the NHS BMI Calculator) When I drop below 77.5 kg (~ 12 st 3lb) I stop being overweight. There's another milestone at 67.35 kg (10 st 9lb 8 oz) which is the middle of the healthy weight range for my height, age and gender.

Then there's yet another milestone for 30th May where I'd like to be 70 kg (11 st) or less but that is a very, very ambitious target given that it will be a weight loss of 28 kg (4 st 6 lb) in ten and half weeks or an average of 2.7 kg (~ 6 lb) per week. I'm not even sure that this is achievable. We shall see.