Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2018.09.25 - Bread on the Cobb II

I was able to try out my new Cobb box at the weekend at our last event of the season. We had a great set up camp-wise, two minibuses parked side-by-side 3 metres apart and a 6m x 4m tarpaulin stretched between them both tied to the outer roof bars. It worked very well.

As for the Cobb box, that was pretty good but it does need some adjustments. Firstly, a small table needs to go right alongside, preferably over the open box section. Secondly the wind breaks were too narrow and it restricted access to the Cobb itself. Still, both of these are solvable problems.

I also baked bread over the weekend. I made a loaf on Saturday for lunch with cold cuts, chese and fruit and then had to make a second loaf on the Sunday as we ate the rest of the first loaf with the Beef Stew for Saturday dinner. Baking the bread in the Cobb works fine, the problem with bread making in camp is proofing the dough. Ideally you need a temperature around 27 Celsius and last weekend we were lucky to get more than 15 Celsius. Consequently, the dough took a long time to rise sufficiently.

So, I need to find a way to maintain the correct temperature somehow for proofing the dough. Could be interesting...