Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2018.09.15 - Completing the Cobb Box Construction

One of the tasks for the day was competing the Cobb box construction. I had made the inner box and accessory rack yesterday and the glue had set overnight so all the remained was to make the inner box fit snugly. This comprised two parts. Firstly removing some of the screws that stood proud of the inner box and the inside of the main box and secondly removing some of the other part of the inner box so that it cleared the right-angle braces fitted to the main box. I should have recessed these into the plywood before I glued the box together, but the brackets were a bit of an after thought so I wasn't able to do this. I dare say that a good carpenter would be able to achieve this without much effort but I'm not one of those.

So, here is the box.

And on the inside everything fits into its place. The Cobb could be used in this position but it is probably not a good idea.

The accessory rack allows each of the accessories to be easily removed when required.

The inner box can be turned upside down to provide a more practical way to use the Cobb...

...but if more height is required then the inner box can be rotated through 90 degrees so that it sits securely in a higher position. The two white strips on the inner box are where I have removed about 2mm of the plywood.

I need to do a little finishing before it can be used, sanding off some rough edges, strengthening the inner box with epoxy and cutting some air and finger holes in it as well. Then next week I'll use it for the last event of the season and see how it works. Any adjustments can be made before the final finishing and painting.