Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2018.09.09 - More on the New Medieval Boxes

The task for the day was to glue up at least the new Cobb box and I spent three hours doing that. The box had to be dismantled making sure to remember where each part went, then mix up small batches of epoxy, then the appropriate part of each piece was covered in epoxy and the piece screwed back in place. The four side were epoxied together using screws and cramps to hold the box to other and finally the bottom was epoxied in place and a fillet of epoxy put around the edge of the underside of the base.

I used some right-angled brackets to hold the sides together and the cramps on the outside could be removed.

I decided that glueing up the second box was going to be a little over the top considering that it will not be holding a lot of weight so I used the right-angle brackets on this box and screwed the bottom in place. If it ever looks like it is coming part then I'll glue it up.

The Cobb box glued p and waiting for the epoxy to cure.

The bead of epoxy on the underside of the bottom should give it a lot of additional support.

The right angle bracket in place in one of the corners of the clothes box.