Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2018.09.08 - Bread on the Cobb

Whilst I was busy making the new medieval boxes I was also working on another task for the day, this time making some bread and using the Cobb to cook it. I used the Turbo, No-Knead bread recipe and set the Cobb alight when the bread was put aside for the second proof.

I put the lit Cobb in the wet room so that it was out of the wind which is quite important when cooking on a Cobb.

The bread took about twice all long to cook than when using a conventional oven but as you ca see from the above photo, the result was not at all bad.

The crust is not as brown as previous loaves but that might have been my putting the bread in to cook before the Cobb was properly up to temperature.

The crumb is more like a conventional loaf and it is a lot softer than the previous loaves but still very tasty.

I'd judge this one a success.