Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2018.01.06 - New Car

Dear diary, today we bought a new car!

The things you can do nowadays on the internet are almost beyond belief. We had been talking about the need for a new, larger car since we realised that we were overloading the Galaxy every time we went to an event and that was why it kept on breaking. For four of the events last year we hired a Vivaro van and that turned out to be a very wise decision. However, it is also expensive and relies on such a vehicle being available at the time we need it. Had we not also need something in which I could also get things like sheets of plywood I dare say that we might have stayed with the renting route, but in the end we decided to buy.

I looked at the available Vivaro minibuses on the Internet that suited our purposes and narrowed the choice down to three. Then, whilst sitting in the Costa at Tescos in Ely last Wednesday afternoon I applied for a loan on line using my iPhone and received acceptance in Friday morning. I phoned the nearest of our choices, paid a deposit and made an appointment to view today. We drove down, saw, test drove then paid for the vehicle. The tax was completed on line, the insurance by phone and we drove home in convoy.

So, three days in total. I remember having to do all that by phone and post in the old days!

We now have a Vauxhall Vivaro Combi CDTi LWB LR 9 seater minibus and it is pretty spectacular. I've never owned such a large or new vehicle before. It is a mere 15 months old, doesn't need an MOT yet and only has 33,321 miles on the clock.

Both rows of rear seats, three seats in each row, come out and the floor space is big enough that I have room to put a sheet of plywood lying on the floor with room to spare. The only thing that is missing is a tow bar and we will get that little detail sorted out in the next month or two.