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Mark Austen

2017.10.12 - The Importance of Being a Computer Programmer

Over on my Naiad pages I make use of the menu provided by the Content Management System (CMS) that I have purchased called Armadillo. It works but I find it ugly and unpleasant. I have an enhancement request with the writer of the CMS but he is busy and so the request is low priority.

However, the menu finally got on my nerves too much and yesterday evening I sat down and wrote a short program in JavaScript to convert the menu into something else.

This is what the menu looks like before I got to it. There are 377 entries and it goes on forever.

And here is the menu after I've mangled it. The dates at the beginning of each title have been used to create a nested menu with the top level being the year the next level the months then days and finally the articles themselves.

At a press of the button the menu collapses to show just the top level.

Clicl on a year to expand it and you can see the months.

Click on a month to show the days that have articles.

Then click on a day to see the posts.

It needs some styling and a few other things such as reducing the width of the indenting, maybe some little triangular symbols before each node and turning the cursor to a hand when it is over something that can be expanded, but that's all easy stuff.

I like this new menu so much that I've added it to this site as well.

Occasionally it is good to be a computer programmer!