Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2017.03.16 - Experimental Cookery

Over the last few weeks I have been trying out a few recipes on the Dometic original One spirit cooker that will be the main source of cooking onboard Naiad. The results have been most satisfactory. The initial source of recipes was a couple of backpacker websites since small spirit stoves are used by hikers due to weight constraints but although the recipes are good, there are designed for people expending a lot of energy during the day and therefore have a high calorific content. Too high for a sedentary sailor so although the recipes were very tasty, I'll probably not be using the too much whilst sailing.

Instead I turned my attention to the myriad of one pot recipes that can be found on the Internet and have been trying those out. The ingredients do need to be adjusted somewhat as most recipes serve at least 4 people and there's only two of us but without exception the ones I've tried so far have been very good.

I only use the pots, pans and the spirit stove that I have bought for Naiad and I can say without a doubt that there is no reason why cooking on Naiad should not produce great meals.

Even bread.

Yes, baking bread is going to be part of the sailing experience and I can make two small loaves of bread, enough for two people (two medium rolls, really), without needing a large surface on which to knead the dough. I still use the "sponge" method of bread making so it does need to be started the night before and the dough has two rises before the baking. Nevertheless, the results have been good.

So the Wednesday evening experimental cookery sessions will continue for a few more months until I have a good number of recipes available. I'll print out the instructions and laminate them into A5 cards and have one set onboard and another at home so that I can decide what I'd like to eat at the next sail and buy the correct ingredients without having to remember to take the recipe cards to and from the boat.