Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2017.01.08 - Ruminations on Charcoal

Over on the Naiad page I mentioned that I've been buying lump wood charcoal in bulk to save money and did a few basic calculations on the subject. Here's the quote:

It is really cheap to buy it [ lump wood charcoal] in bulk, around half of the price you'd buy charcoal from fuel stations or supermarkets, I've been buying it in lots of 25Kg which is 5 of these bags. I could buy them even cheaper but that would mean buying a pallet of 25 or 55 sacks. However, if I bought the planet of 25 x 15Kg sacks I would save myself £75 over buying the 5 * 5Kg sacks and £249 if I bought a pallet of 55 sacks.

That last calculation made me sit up and stare. A saving of £249 is not to be sneezed at. Can I justify the outlay?

This year Destrier, for whom I am cook, have five events at which I will using 20Kg of charcoal over the course of the event or 100Kg over the course of the season. The large pallet of charcoal has 15Kg bags so this year I will need 7 bags.

For Naiad during the cold weather when I am sailing I expect to use 2kg of charcoal per day and when she is in the workshop being worked on I'll use 3kg per day. The colder season is going to be six months or 26 weekend with half of that being with Naiad in the workshop, so that's 13 x 2kg + 13 * 3Kg or 65Kg which is 4 bags. So I'll want 11 of the 15Kg bags of charcoal per year meaning that 55 bags should last 5 years and save me just under £50 per year.