Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2016.10.02 - A Satisfying Weekend's Progress

I have had a very satisfying weekend working on Naiad, almost everything I do makes a visible change to the boat and in the case of this weekend, the change in how she looks is major.

The cabin side and cockpit coamings are now fitted and the poop deck is nearly completed, currently in position with cramps while the epoxy cures. It is an exciting time to be working on the boat as the rate of visible progress really make it feel like the boat is nearly done.

It isn't of course, the list of things to be done is still very long and some of those tasks will take time. The painting, for example. It will not take long to put a coat of paint on the side decks or the cabin top or the topsides, but the wait while the paint dries enough to apply the next coat is a minimum of 8 hours and whilst the paint is drying, nothing else can be done. Needless to say, the painting will be last on my list of tasks.

I have cut the grass, or some of it in the paddock and even done the monthly accounts. A good weekend indeed.

The pessimist inside me says that something is bound to go wrong, but you know what they say about a pessimist, they will never be disappointed.