Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2016.09.11 - Boat equipment

The power to the village went off at about 03:15 this morning and I was awakened by the UPS that powers the computers and network bleeping away. We have an occasional nuisance short in the house that trips the RCD every so often so we always check the fuse box first thing. Just recently, however, the lack of power has not been because the RCD had tripped but because the power to the village was off. Until this morning the outage was only a few minutes but this morning the power had still not returned by breakfast time.

Disaster, how do you have a cup of tea without power?

Well, had Tina been at home we would have used the gas powered camping stove that has its home in one of the medieval boxes that we store in the wet room during the Summer, but Tina is in Germany attending a re-enactment there and the stove has gone with her.

I could have used the gas and burner that I used to steam the planks but that either meant boiling the kettle down in the workshop or bringing the equipment up to the house and it's not light and I'm lazy. Instead I chose to use the alcohol stove that I'll be installing in Naiad and the folding kettle that will be part of the ship's equipment and since I do not know how long the outage will last I brought it up to the house. A neighbour said that when he called E.on they told him that it was a problem with the high voltage lines outside the village. That could take some time to repair.

So, a nice cup of tea and since I had the stove in the house I also made some porridge as well.

Shortly after breakfast the power came back on again, but it was nice to know that I have the means to brew the and coffee and even make a hot meal without the power being on.

This is the stove I have but without the pot holder. They cost a whopping £35 and not worth the money.