Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.09.05 - What Else Can Go Wrong?

Most projects I undertake go reasonably well, occasionally really well and very rarely with no errors at all.

Other days are not so good.

I decided that I really needed to make the two final drawers for the sharpening station I made a while back.

This is the unit as I left it and you can clearly see the space where the two drawers will go. At the time I didn't need the drawers so I didn't make them. Since then, however, I have bought a couple of additional sharpening jigs and need somewhere to put them, so it's time to make the remaining drawers.

Going to be easy enough, just measure one of the existing drawers for the width and depth, measure the height of the gap and divide that by two to get the height of each drawer. I used some left over particle board to make the frame and some OSB for the bottom. Easy, no?

Well, no. 

I measured not once, not twice not even three times but four or more and I still cut made the drawers too deep. So I cut some off the front as the board used was 3/4" (19mm) thick. But that wasn't enough, so I cut some off the back. That wasn't enough either.

Some off the front.

Some off the back.

I don't know what I was doing but each time I measured at least twice and each time I still got it wrong.

In the end I cut a piece 3/4"(19mm) out of the middle of the drawer and glued the two bits back together again. You can see the join in the photo above.

Now it fits.

Well, it fits depth-wise, but I'd also made the drawers too narrow. You can see the darker padding piece glued onto the side the drawer in the photo above. So that made it fit width-wise.

Even then the tale of woe does not end as both drawers were too tall and I had to cut about 1/4"(6mm) off the top. You can see the cut piece above.

That should be it, yes? Surely now the tale of woe is done?


I ordered one set of drawer slides.

I needed two.

So I fitted the one drawer and will order another set of slides later in the month when funds allow.

But, for this project I'm still wondering...

...what else can go wrong?