Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.08.08 - Woodworm

Tina discovered that the "Treasure Chest'  style box in which she keeps various lengths of cloth for making things was riddled with woodworm. The box was immediately taken outside and we inspected the damage.

The box was made of plywood, fairly good quality but not top quality, with a thin veneer on the outside so that it looked as though it was made from solid wood. 

The plywood easily delaminated as we deconstructed the box.

This is what we found. One of the inner veneers the plywood was just dust where it had been eaten away by the woodworm.The four black things you can see in the photo are dead worms. I removed the hardware from the box and put the remainder on the burn pile.

So, I now needed to make a new box for Tina's material.

We visited our local timber merchant and bought an 8 x 4 sheet of marine plywood, not BS1088 so it wasn't expensive, and a whole load of pine for another job whilst we were there.

I didn't photograph the building of the box, it's just six panels cut out of the plywood sheet and glued together with mitre joints reinforced with square batten on the inside.

Here is the result. Tina asked for a box of similar size to the old on, but not so long since that made it difficult for one person to carry. I used the hardware from the old box on the new one and it's not too bad.

However, it does look like a box made of plywood and having the posh handles and latch does make it look slightly strange, but it will do the job.

The jam jar is filled with wood oil, Danish Oil I think, and Tina is going to use that on the interior and maybe paint the outside later.

We found some hooks and chains that we used to prevent the lid from opening too far and straining the hinges.

A strange combination of modern over centre latch with a hand-forged level welded to the modern bit and a hard-forged hook to make it look "traditional". But, as I said, it does the job.