Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.05.27 - Sorting Out Things in the Workshop

Now that I have a bright, shiny and mostly waterproof workshop I've been tidying and sorting things out. Each time I find a hole in the roof, for example,I note the position and as soon as the roof dries out, I install patch.

Part of the drive to get things sorted out is the new boat building project. I can't start that until the workshop is sorted, so little by little, the workshop is being dealt with.

One of the things that is quite apparent for the boat is that it's not much good making a mould willy-nilly, it has to be as good as possible. The more accurate the mould, the better the hull will be. So, sharp tools, accurate measuring equipment and properly adjusted power tools. I've been reading up on how to adjust my band saw correctly. I have yet to do that, but I will get around to it when I get to the back of the workshop.

For now, the focus is on the table saw. It may only be a job-site or contractor's table saw but that doesn't mean that it cannot be adjusted to cut accurately. So, I checked the fence for being square to the table and then made a dial gauge jig to measure the saw blade which should be parallel to the guide slots. Well, it's not even close, so that needs to be adjusted. 

On this saw you do that by removing the back cover and loosening two of the bolts holding the saw mechanism to the table and moving the mechanism a little to the left or right as required and then tighten up the bolts again being careful not to move the mechanism as you do. So, the saw needs to be unbolted so that I can get to the back.

However, whilst I'm doing that I need to make some changes to the way in which the saw is supported and also how it is adjusted to be level with the workbench. The support changes need be made so that saw dust that falls through the saw, and there can be a lot of that, falls to the floor where it can be swept up. At the moment it falls to the bed on which the saw rests and it really difficult to get out even with a vacuum.

The adjustment change needs to be made as it is very difficult to adjust the saw the way that I set it up. I need to rest the support on four bolts which can be turned one way or the other to raise or lower a corner for each bolt.

This means that a new support mechanism and bed need to be designed and constructed. A task for the weekend, I think.

First the saw needs to be adjusted, then I can use it to make the new bed.

Interesting times ahead.