Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.05.15 - Workshop Illumination III

I'm pleased to report that not only are all ten floodlights installed the workshop, but they all work.

It is still little dark right at the back, but that is because the two lights that were destined for that spot were installed outside instead. In due course, I'll buy two more lights and put them up in that bay. 

I also put heavy duty mobile bases on the drill press and the band saw and having done that I was able to move them from the positions which they have been placed for years and clean them up and the area around them.

Another result of all this, apart from getting rid of a large amount of dust, cobwebs and shavings, was to gain access to the Tormek which has been hemmed in by just about everything whilst the lights were being done.

So, the kitchen knives got a long overdue sharpening.

So, a very good day's work and it's still only halfway through the afternoon.

Time for a cup of tea.