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Mark Austen

2021.05.08 - Stained Teeshirts

Back in September 2020 I decided that I'd had enough of wearing old teeshirts that were too big and were also full of holes and stains and I bought ten new long-sleeved teeshirts of various colours. And they have been great. They fit, which is nice and they are not holey or stained.

Initially I didn't wear the two white ones as they show the dirt so quickly. Just a few minutes in the workshop is enough for me to have some sort of dirty marks on them. I probably also do for the coloured ones, but it doesn't show.

However, with the recent cooler weather I've been wearing my old fleece in the workshop so I've been able to wear the white shirts as well. Just the week before last I forgot to put them both into the wash, so I put them in the second wash with a towel and two numners that Tina wanted washing and when they were all done, the teeshirts were stained. I rewashed them, bleached them, tried all sorts of things but they remained stained. I've no idea what was on the other items to cause such a stain, but there we are, it's done and I have to deal with it.

I was very loath to throw them away so we decided to have a dyeing session and dye them, and some other old whites that were no longer white, a different colour. I chose to use dye in the wash products in two colours, purple and bright green and they arrived today.

A quick sort through the whites to select those that I would wear again if they were dyed, that it not the ones encrusted with epoxy, oil stains or with holes, and we divided them into two groups, one for each colour. Into the washing machine they went with the purple dye going first.

Here's one of the stains, tomato juice. No shifting that now.

This stain is much harder to see in photos, it's just above the centre of the photo. It stands out like a sore thumb when the teeshirt is worn, though.

And here is the after photo. Nice eh?

So we'll chalk that one up as a success. The only drawback is that in order to prevent the dye form fading, the dyed clothes should be hand and not machine washed.