Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.05.07 - Back on the Diet

For the next few weeks I am back on the Fast 800 diet and for two reasons. Firstly, I need to lose the 7kg (a stone) that I've put on whilst experimenting with what makes me put on weight and what does not. Secondly, we're going on holiday for a week with friends in June and I know that I'll be putting on some weight over that holiday and I certainly do not want to have to lose the current over-weight and the holiday weight once we get back.

So, back on the diet I go. No big deal, really, it's easy enough and effective enough.

Still, for the first few days I found myself being excruciatingly hungry by mid-afternoon. I use the term "excruciatingly" deliberately since it was almost painful and definitely very uncomfortable and distracting.

Just to remind you, I follow an "iron-man" style diet where all my calorie intake is undertaken over a four hour period after which I fast until the following day. Breakfast at 8am, lunch between 11am and noon and then fast.

But this time I had these severe hunger pangs, so much so that I was snacking in the afternoon or early evening and not losing weight as a result. Not gaining any, to be sure, but not losing any which was the whole idea.

After a little thought I decided to try something else. I went even more iron-man and now eat all my calories within two hours and fast for the rest of the day. Breakfast between 07:30 and 08:00 and lunch before 09:30. The result is that I feel really, really full after eating and feel full for the rest of the day. Not a single hunger pang in sight, not even tempted.

I did try to eat everything within an hour, but I just couldn't eat that much. A daily intake of 800 calories doesn't sound like a lot, but the portions in the recipes that are given in the diet are not small and all are certainly filling. Two portions in one sitting is just too much for me.

I have to say that I'm mildly astonished at this. The no-hunger-pangs, not the inability to eat the portions. I rationalise it as the breakfast and lunch portions at the moment do not quite fill me up and therefore I suffer mild hunger pangs all day. These "grow on me" becoming worse and worse until I just have to succumb. Whereas the "eat-it-all-at-once" method completely fills me up and I don't suffer any hunger pangs for the first few hours after which I don't notice.

Probably all nonsense, but that explanation satisfies my curiosity.

Is it working?

Is it ever!

Down 1.6 kg (3 lb 8 oz) in the last 11 days.

Will continue at this rate?

I hope so as that will knock off all that excess weight before we go on holiday!

Is that likely?

No, not really, but one can hope.