Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.05.03 - Workshop Illumination II

The task for the day was to install floodlights in the next bay in the workshop.

This is the righthand side bay cleared of the wood that has been stored up there since Naiad was launched.

The wood has been moved nearer to the wall.

The other side is already clear.

To ensure that the lights were all installed in more-or-less the same position, I cut a batten that can be used to make a mark on the purlin where the edge of the light should be located.

As you can see here.

Four screws are put in to one of the the short battens such that the points extend a little way out the other side. This is then offered up to the purlin and the heads of the screws tapped with a hammer to mark the screw positions on the wood.

Pilot holes for the mounting screws are then drilled into the purlin and the lighting bracket screwed into place. The light is then installed as described previously.

One on the left side,,,

...and one on the right side.

It is starting to get very bright in the workshop.