Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.24 - Boat-Shaped Garden Seat VI

The task for the day today was to complete the seat section to a point where the lathes can be added.

The timber for the seat was cut after few measurements and calculations. Here I have ten battens each 60 mm (2 1/2") wide but of varying thicknesses.

These were passed through the planer a few times on both sides to make them all the same thickness, and the two upper long sides run over a round-over bit on the router table.

The seat battens were glued into place with a single nail at either end to hold them in place whilst the glue dries. Since I didn't have battens long enough to reach the full width of the seat, I used two battens for each part with a centre divider to make the thing look pretty.

The battens only went as far as the seat back location as belong that there is no point.

The thin strip of wood seen here on the seat was used to space the battens apart to give a consistent spacing.

The back of the seat doesn't need so many battens and was therefore a little easier to build. The only difficult bit was that the width of the back changes from bottom to top due to the arch and that wasn't difficult at all.

At this point the construction of the seat portion is completed.

I took it outside and sanded the parts of the structure that will be seen and ran a round over bit over the corners to soften them.

It doesn't look too bad at this point and it is quite a comfortable seat. It will start looking very different once I start toads the outer skin.

But that's for tomorrow.