Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.23 - Boat-Shaped Garden Seat V

I managed to do a fair bit of work on the seat today. The spreaders at the base of the arches were glued in place and clamped before breakfast. Then work continued after I had knocked off for the day.

Here we have the base spreaders. The string that can be seen running diagonally across the base is there to hold the frame at right angles while the glue dried. The lead weights are there since it is not possible to clamp the side spreaders with the seat lying on the floor.

The front and back spreaders also have another piece of timber glued to the bottom ends to help spread the load on the ground when the seat is placed on a softer surface such as grass.

Although the glue is probably sufficient, I decided to add a mechanical fastening through the base frame pieces. An 8mm hole 4" deep was drilled into the joints and threaded to accept a 10mm x 3" length of studding. A slot was cut in the end of the studding to allow the stud to be screwed into the threaded hole using a screwdriver.

The studs were all screwed into the hole such that the end was just below the surface of the wood.

Next task was to make the seat. This will not be fixed into place until it has been made to allow the height of the seat when completed to be set to 45cm. The side supports have been clamped into place and will be cut to the correct length once the seating is constructed.

The seat itself is angled back slightly to give a more comfortable sitting position. The angle chosen is 8 degrees and the back support will br similarly angled. Hopefully this will result in something that is comfortable to sit in and nothing like a church pew.

At this point I started making mistakes so I called it a day and will continue tomorrow.