Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.21 - Boat-Shaped Garden Seat IV

Now that the capping in place I can turn my attention to the garden seat. All four of the arched corner pieces are now laminated.

These were run through the planer to remove any excess glue and to level the edges of the laminations.

The planed sides are looking very nice. The curved edges cannot be planed this way as the planer can only work with flat timber. Not that it matters to the outside edges since they will be covered. The inside edges will be sanded and the exposed corners rounded over once the frame has been constructed.

At this point the arches have been trimmed to the correct length and the correct angle cut for the top joint.

The next phase is to put in the seat and top frame timbers. But not this evening.

Time to hit the hot tub.