Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.17 - Boat-Shaped Garden Seat I

During our Broads cruise with friends two years ago I said that I would make them a boat-shaped garden seat as we spotted several the banks of the Broads and rivers and our friends really liked how they looked.

Well, a frozen shoulder prevented me from building the seat that first year and the pandemic and the workshop problems prevented the construction last year, but as the repair to the workshop is nearly done and I'm itching to get started on the pre-construction work for the Northumbrian Coble I'm going to build, getting a number of other projects completed needs to be done as part of the pre-construction tasks.

We will be seeing our friends next month for another Broads Cruise and my intention is to have the seat finished by then.

For the seat I need to make four arched pieces timber that will form the four corner of the seat and that means laminating them. Here I have laid out a piece of thick shuttering plywood, marked out the required curve and screwed wooden stops onto the plywood against which the timber will be laminated.

This is how the curve will look.

Next I need to cut the laminations. These two timbers will be cutting half and each of the four pieces sliced into lamination about 10mm (3/8") thick on the table saw, now that I can get to the workbench properly.

The first piece is ready to be sawn.

And the first lamination is now cut. You can see that I've used a feather board on the table saw (the yellow thing) to ensure that the timber is held firmly against the fence and to prevent kickback from the saw blade. 

The lamination was placed into the jig to check if it was good enough and It turns out that 10mm is a little too thick, so the remainder of the laminations were cut to thickness of 7.5mm. The thicker lamination will still be used, but having five laminations of10mm is just too stiff. 

The laminations were covered with polyurethane glue on one side, stacked together, put inside a long plastic bag to prevent the glue getting everywhere and the bundle of laminations clamped to the jig. There aren't any photos of these intermediate steps as I don't want to get glue all over the camera and everything else.

But the result is shown here. This will be left overnight for the glue to dry and then we shall see if the result is any good.